Residential Solutions

Sustainable, Adaptable, Cost Effective: Your Dream Home is Ready to Grow

Building on the benefits of modular and prefabricated construction methods, Buildonix® provides high-quality and efficient construction solutions for residential needs.

Utilising the Buildonix® system, individuals have the opportunity to commence with modest beginnings, addressing various requirements such as granny flats or holiday accommodations, all the way through to a forever home.

Starting with a base design, our projects have the flexibility to evolve and modify the design over time. This includes expanding the base layout by adding bedrooms, bathrooms, or additional living spaces as needs arise, or undertaking a complete floor plan redesign to accommodate changing requirements.

Thanks to the unparalleled adaptability of the Buildonix® system, projects remain cost-effective, allowing clients to start small within their budgetary constraints and expand the structure as needed. When the time comes for expansion, the structures are intentionally designed to facilitate a straightforward and disruption-free expansion, without the typical high costs and inconveniences associated with renovations. For instance, a new bedroom can be added in under a week!

Speed, speed, speed!

Buildonix® projects are fast! We assemble our structure on-site using our streamlined and simple assembly process. Throughout the assembly process we don’t produce onsite waste, excessive noise pollution or long-term disruptions.

When compared to traditional construction processes, our projects often take as little as a quarter of the time! Once the necessary approvals have been received and ground works finished, your building could be completed in a few weeks.

Environmental sustainability

Our environmental sustainability is a point of pride for us. The Buildonix® technology has been under development for over 10 years, and environmental sustainability has always been a priority.

The Buildonix® structural framing system recently received an Environmental Production Declaration (Stonelake EPD) based on a life cycle analysis of the structural components. This process took almost two years to complete and is a testament to the inherent sustainability implicit in all our structures.

Complete building adaptability

Until now, buildings have always been permanent and inflexible. This has created issues for ongoing building use, necessitating expensive, disruptive and time-consuming renovation processes to a structure which was never intended to be altered or changed.

Buildonix® believes that a structure should be as adaptable to living requirements as any other product in the modern world. Buildonix® structures are designed with ongoing adaptability as a priority. Our structures are designed to allow for a complete range of alterations before and after building assembly.

If small changes are needed, such as a change to the external façade, internal finishes, shelving, kitchen, or bathrooms we can accommodate this quickly and easily. Similarly, it is just as easy to complete a full building redesign, changing floor plans, layout extensions and everything in between. Our structures can grow with you and provide an unmatched product benefit to you.


One of the biggest costs involved in building is design inflexibility. Essentially, many people are forced to design, pay for, and build a project based on anticipated needs into the future, rather than building what they need now.

Our goal is to create the flexibility needed to start sooner. Our residential products enable a ‘start small and grow’ approach, starting at a size and budget that is affordable and attainable, and growing the structure as needs arise over time.

Through a fast, simple, and hassle-free building assembly process, we can add bathrooms, bedrooms and recreation spaces at any time throughout the life of a building without the traditionally disproportionate expenses of standard renovations.

Residential Range

Studio Transformer

Do you find yourself in need of additional living space? Either extending your current home, or building a separate residence to accommodate visitors, a growing family, or an additional investment income stream?
The Buildonix® Studio Transformer can be built in a matter of weeks (once DA approved and ground works done) and provides a base unit configuration to get you started. And remember if you need to expand the unit down the track to accommodate an additional space you can, easily.

Home + Living suite

The Buildonix® Living Suite can be used as a solution to your Granny Flat needs, or it can be the start of your dream home. The unique Buildonix® adaptability means you can start living on your block of land quicker and without the substantial mortgage costs or building delays. You can build what you can afford now and expand your home footprint as you need in the future.

Bathroom addition

Looking to add another bathroom to your existing house or a building? Look no further than a Buildonix® Bathroom addition. Buildonix® specialises in on-site assembly, and our bathrooms can be assembled quickly and easily using our innovative methods to meet Australian Building Standards. Plus, you can fully design the exact layout and design look you are wanting.

Design your own

Sometimes, no set design is appropriate for you. You may have a special or unique design in mind that you want to achieve. Buildonix® can undertake a completely customised design, assisting you through the design process for your project. Get in touch with our sales team to start your unique design process.





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