Residential Solutions

Sustainable, Adaptable, Cost Effective: Your Dream Home is Ready to Grow

Unlock the potential of your residential dreams with Buildonix®. Our innovative construction solutions redefine the way you build your home, offering unparalleled efficiency and quality from the start.

Begin small, dream big. Whether you’re starting with a cozy granny flat or envisioning a sprawling forever home, Buildonix® empowers you to tailor your space to your evolving needs.

With our flexible system, your home grows with you. Add bedrooms, bathrooms, or expand living spaces effortlessly as your lifestyle changes. And the best part? It’s all done within your budget, with no hassle or disruption.


  • Speed, speed, speed! – Buildonix® projects are lightning-fast, with assembly on-site completed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional construction methods, often taking as little as a quarter of the usual duration, delivering your building in mere weeks after approvals and groundwork completion.


  • Environmental sustainability – Our longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in the Buildonix® technology, with our structural framing system recently receiving an Environmental Production Declaration (Stonelake EPD) after nearly two years of analysis, showcasing our dedication to eco-conscious practices.


  • Complete building adaptability – Buildonix® challenges the notion of rigid, permanent buildings, prioritising adaptability as a core principle; our structures are designed to seamlessly accommodate a comprehensive range of alterations, from minor adjustments like facade changes or interior modifications to full-scale redesigns, empowering you with unparalleled flexibility for your evolving needs.


  • Cost-effective – Buildonix® addresses the burden of design inflexibility by enabling a “start small and grow” approach, eliminating the need to over-invest in anticipated future needs; our streamlined assembly process allows for seamless expansion, adding bathrooms, bedrooms, and recreation spaces as required, without the prohibitive costs typically associated with standard renovations.

Residential Range

Studio Transformer

Do you find yourself in need of additional living space? Either extending your current home, or building a separate residence to accommodate visitors, a growing family, or an additional investment income stream?
The Buildonix® Studio Transformer can be built in a matter of weeks (once DA approved and ground works done) and provides a base unit configuration to get you started. And remember if you need to expand the unit down the track to accommodate an additional space you can, easily.

Home + Living suite

The Buildonix® Living Suite can be used as a solution to your Granny Flat needs, or it can be the start of your dream home. The unique Buildonix® adaptability means you can start living on your block of land quicker and without the substantial mortgage costs or building delays. You can build what you can afford now and expand your home footprint as you need in the future.

Bathroom addition

Looking to add another bathroom to your existing house or a building? Look no further than a Buildonix® Bathroom addition. Buildonix® specialises in on-site assembly, and our bathrooms can be assembled quickly and easily using our innovative methods to meet Australian Building Standards. Plus, you can fully design the exact layout and design look you are wanting.

Design your own

Sometimes, no set design is appropriate for you. You may have a special or unique design in mind that you want to achieve. Buildonix® can undertake a completely customised design, assisting you through the design process for your project. Get in touch with our sales team to start your unique design process.





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