External Building Facades

Sustainability and Quality – A Versatile Facade Solution

Imagine a building exterior that not only looks great but is also simple and fast to update and change the look, whether to revamp your business or building image or for a new occupant. Our patented inter-locking technology makes it quick and straightforward to install external facades. Our interlocking assemblies enable a fast replacement process for repairs or changes throughout the entire lifecycle of a façade assembly.

Our advanced inter-locking building technology makes transforming the outside of building possible without the need for expensive rebuilds, lost productivity or lengthy build times . We design and create the look you are after with great precision offsite and erect it on your building seamlessly.


Simple and fast assembly methods

Our unique inter-locking technology and components make construction faster and simpler. Designed for lightning-fast assembly, our solution streamlines the building process like never before.

From its simple installation to its dynamic adaptability, our façade empowers building contractors to redefine timelines, enhance project outcomes, and exceed client expectations.

Endless design options

Choosing finishes and materials to compliment your brand or your existing commercial building design is made easy with our product.

You can select virtually any material you would like from timber, tile, metals and more, or even recycle a material, and with our uniquely designed components the material can be fastened to our patented inter-locking panels and quickly erected on site.



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