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Buildonix® – Sustainability in construction through dynamic adaptability

Buildonix® is changing the way that we build.

Our buildings utilise the patented Buildonix® building technology – a range of customised structural and non-structural building components which are assembled quickly and easily on-site into high quality buildings.

Our streamlined approach to building using our mass-produced components ensures that your project is fast and hassle free with little to no disruption, a high quality and environmentally sustainable product which can be designed and built in less than half the time as normal construction methods.

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The Buildonix® building difference

Buildonix® structures are unique in that they are designed to be future proofed. Whether it is an accommodation suite such as a granny flat or home office, or a commercial internal office refurbishment and external façade. All Buildonix® projects are capable of complete design alterations both during and post completion of the structure.

Our Building solution ticks all the boxes:

  • Fast and hassle-free construction – in as little as 4-6 weeks following DA approval
  • High quality construction processes and materials
  • Minimal interruptions and no on-site mess
  • Complete adaptability and customisation in building design before and after construction
  • Cost effectiveness thanks to unmatched flexibility
  • Inherent environmental sustainability and efficient building performance
  • Meets Australian Building Code standards and Building Certification benchmarks

Buildonix® flexible building solutions – for granny flats, living studios, add-on bathrooms, tiny homes and commercial facades and fit outs



Environmental sustainability is built into every Buildonix® component. Designed to be locked, unlocked and re-used without damage, each component has the potential to be used over multiple life cycles.

Our unique system is scalable and can be mass produced whilst allowing for individual bespoke designs, based on the needs of the customer.



Operating on a single digital platform, our unique component-based system allows for unrivalled quality control. A Digital Passport allows for life cycle monitoring of every Buildonix® component, including manufacture date, usage records and maintenance schedules, to ensure quality, functionality and efficiency.



By removing the need for permanent fixing methods, Buildonix® structures can be assembled quickly and safely by hand, either in-factory or on-site, significantly improving efficiency and speed of assembly. This streamlined process also eliminates on-site construction waste, significantly reducing the environmental footprint of every Buildonix® build.

Setting new global standards

As the first fully digital building system Buildonix® is significantly increasing productivity, reducing energy consumption at all levels and helping to create an environmentally focused future.

Advanced manufacturing technology is combined with our intuitive design principles to allow quick and easy assembly of all Buildonix® structures, enabling the integration of existing work forces and creating thousands of new multi skilled jobs.


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