Interior fitouts & refurbishments

A dynamic Fitout solution which can adapt to your needs

A thoughtfully designed workplace or space has the power to make it welcoming, efficient and conducive to productivity for both employees and customers. Yet, when the need arises to refresh or repurpose the interior, it often brings along challenges like extended construction periods, noise, waste and disruptions. With Buildonix® technology, you can simplify the interior design process and have it fabricated off-site and swiftly assembled on-site, minimising inconveniences and delays.

Thanks to our cutting-edge interlocking technology and custom-made components, updating your interior appearance and layout is easy. Whether you desire a quick reception makeover or a comprehensive internal layout reconfiguration, our adaptable building system effortlessly expands and adjusts to meet your requirements. That’s the Buildonix® difference!

Design Benefits

A New look or feel

Imagine an interior façade that can transform at the speed of your business  and brand’s needs – without the chaos of traditional renovations. Our interchangeable façade technology empowers you to effortlessly reconfigure your space, ensuring it evolves alongside your goals.

From modern aesthetics to functional shifts, your vision is no longer constrained by time-consuming overhauls. With us, innovation meets efficiency, delivering a dynamic commercial environment that’s as agile as your ambitions.

Agile Working spaces

In the dynamic commercial world, your environment must keep pace with your ever evolving functional and workforce needs.  Our unique building technology, allows you to be agile in workplace design without the expense and time involved in traditional refurbishment projects. Designed for on-site assembly and capable of swift and waste-free design changes, our design solution is like no other.

Gone are the days of prolonged disruptions and excessive waste common with traditional renovations. With our innovative approach, your internal office and workspace transformations can occur with remarkable ease, speed, and environmental responsibility.

Floor plan flexibility

Picture a workplace that adapts harmoniously to your business goals, fostering productivity and creativity. From layout adjustments to complete design shifts, we empower you to redefine your space on your terms, without compromise.



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