Maurice Lake

Maurice has a rich background in all traditional building trades and a keen interest in technological advancements. Having been born into a family deeply rooted in construction with a builder-developer father, his passion was cultivated from a young age. Through experiences as both a builder and client, Maurice observed the inefficiencies, complexities and safety issues inherent in current construction systems. Driven by a commitment to environmental sustainability, he sought a more efficient and sustainable building approach to meet the global demand for ‘greener’ energy-efficient housing.

Over 14 years, he explored various iterations of prefabricated and modular designs, ultimately leading to the development of Buildonix – a revolutionary concept combining complete digital integration and inherent sustainability practices. Envisioning a future of industry characterised by speed, simplicity, logic, sustainability and global participation, he aims to transform not only how we build but also how we live.

Jarred Davies

Jarred’s role in Buildonix is multifaceted, collaborating with the entire team along with other internal and external stakeholders to streamline efficiency and safety activities. Jarred’s passions are in the day to day operations of the company, and the growth of the business. He adopts a ‘thinking outside the box’ mindset to meet various challenges of expanding a new product into the market.

Transitioning from the legal services industry, Jarred sought an opportunity to grow with, and directly impact the company’s success, drawn to it’s industry leading innovation and commitment to environmental and social principles. Enthusiastic about the potential for industry wide growth and addressing climate change through sustainable innovation, Jarred is a firm believer that the small choices at a community level are crucial to long term shift in managing climate change.

Victor Lake

Victor Lake is the founder of VLA Architects and has been practicing architecture for nearly 40 years.  Vic’s passion, experience and determination combined with his design skills has resulted in numerous and varied projects.

Vic has established the firms highly regarded reputation consistently delivering high quality and successful projects, which have become synonymous with a new generation of lifestyle apartments.

Victor and his team will be responsible for the Buildonix Sales, Marketing and Design. Their professional reputation and high-quality work set the Buildonix® design apart from traditional builds.

Richard Green

One of the preeminent structural engineers in Australia, Richard Green has contributed significantly to the development of the engineering profession through leadership of the ACSE, Association of Consulting Engineers Australia (ACEA), and Council of the Built Environment Design Professionals (BEDP).

Throughout his career he also maintained an ongoing role in Apex, then Rotary, and acted as the Emergency Architects Australia’s patron.

Some of Richard Green’s award winning projects include the Ravenswood School for Girls (NSW), Australian War Memorial Eastern Precinct (ACT), Surry Hills Library and Community Centre (NSW), and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NSW).

Andrew Harland

An experienced Research and Development Consultant, Andrew has developed a significant understanding of product development and the Research and Development Journey of the Buildonix building technology.

As a key driver within the product development and assessment programs of Buildonix, and through his knowledge of product development, planning and documentation, Andrew manages the key areas of Research and Development which ensures the Buildonix Building System is constantly evolving to meet the required needs of the market.

Andrew’s extensive management experience allows a high level of effective independent operation in all activities undertaken with Buildonix.



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