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What is the difference between the way Buildonix® builds and the way that normal buildings are built?

Traditional construction relies on skilled on-site fabrication and construction – from framing through to internal and external lining and finishes. For traditional buildings, it is essential that a builder can access the necessary skilled tradesman to complete their work. This is often a problem though, with many builders having difficulty securing the necessary tradespeople and contractors to finish works within schedule.

How are we different?

Our difference lies in the components, or material, that we use to build. Like traditional construction processes, we assemble our buildings at your property. However, our components are unique. All Buildonix building components are pre-manufactured and completed units. This means that structures are simply assembled on-site quickly and easily, without mess or noise issues. The best part is that we can assemble your project twice as fast if not faster than traditional buildings.

Think Meccano, but for a building!


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